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Auditory Processing Disorder

What is it? Does it even exist? Who tests for it and how? If there is a problem, what do we do about it? These questions and others have plagued me, my team, and many other speech-language pathologists for a long time. A collection of articles in one of our...

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How Does Your Child Communicate

Communication is all about interaction—it can happen in many different ways. A parent’s job is to figure out how your child communicates and keep it going. And remember… make it FUN Find out: What does your child like? What does she like to play with? What is his...

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Social Communication

The primary reason humans have the ability to speak is to connect, interact, and communicate with others. Speech and language skills are only a part of the picture—really just the building blocks for communication. At Briggs and Associates our primary focus is on...

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Books for Families

Here’s what we’re reading and can recommend to you: Ward, S. (2002). Baby talk: Strengthen your child’s ability to listen, understand, and communicate. New York: Ballantine. This is a 30-minute a day program for parents. Agin, M. C., Geng, L. F. , & Nicholl, M. J....

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Otitis Media

Excerpted from the Briggs and Associates Newsletter, Fall 2003 Otitis Media:  What is it? “Otitis media” (OM) is a generic term that refers to an inflammation within the middle ear cavity which is normally air filled. It is the most frequent illness of early childhood...

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